Saturday, 21 March 2020

Selby Quiz Part 1


Answers are now posted in the captions under the photos. I hope you recognised some of them!!
Well, here is a new idea. All these pictures have been taken in the middle of Selby, but where are they? If you know your town, it should be easy! There are 15 pictures this time for you to look at. Make a list of your answers, then e-mail them to 
I will leave the quiz up for a while, then put a message on the website to say who had the highest score (and the correct answers!). 
You can award yourself a virtual prize!! Good luck!

Number 1 - above which shop would you see this fine carving? The old Co-op building, in Wide Street, now a furniture shop.

Number 2 - of which well-known shop is this a part? It is Wetherell's, round the back of the store.
Number 3 - where would you see this displayed? On the wall outside the former Post Office.There is another one on Wetherell's, but this is not it!

Number 4 - which street is guarded by this scary face? Over the arch leading to Robert Street off Finkle Street. (shortcut to Wilko!)
Number 5 - you've seen this plaque, but which building is it attached to? The bridal shop on Wide Street, formerly the Gas showrooms, I seem to remember.

Number 6 - where would you see this plaque (J?T 1908)? On James Street, above the Selby Carpet Depot, formerly Tyson's garage.
Number 7 - where are these dormer windows, in need of a coat of paint? On Finkle Street, above Leo's cafe bar, formerly another cafe!

Number 8 - a lovely stained-glass window, between which two businesses? Between the NFU shop and Jigsaw letting agents, on Finkle Street.

Number 9 - an easy one! Where is this merry fellow fixed? On the wall outside the George Hotel, formerly Londesborough Hotel.

Number 10 - it's a pub, but which one? Back in Wide Street, the pub is the Griffin, near to Gotch's.
Number 11 - one of a pair of doors, but where are they to be found? The double doors guarding the entrance to the George, back in the Market Place.
Number 12 - an impressive piece of ironwork, but where would you see this one? A bit of a clue in the photo, it's the Selby Carpet Depot, showing the former use as a garage.
Number 13 - a clock, but outside which business can it be seen? Bryson's estate agents (J P Harll) in Finkle Street.

Number 14 - old stonework, but what is the building called? The Abbot's Staith, directly opposite the Library.
Number 15 - where would this bell be seen? In the market Place, on the George Hotel, just above the main doorway. The Market bell, I believe.

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