Wednesday, 1 April 2020

FHF (Family History Federation) Newsletter

Welcome to another edition of our Newsletter.

The news at the moment is full of the Coronavirus saga and many people are now staying at home. This period could give you an opportunity to tackle all those chores you have been meaning to do when you couldn’t find the time before. And of course, there is much family history research you can undertake online too.  You could also organise your genealogy research or write your memoirs; there are so many activities you can undertake at home!

This Newsletter and others in the coming weeks will offer you some ideas to take your story forward.

Debbie Bradley, Administrator

Encourage your Friends and Neighbours to start their Family Tree

If you do have to stay at home for any length of time - and most of us will - why not use this time to encourage your friends and neighbours to start their family tree?  Many people will have wanted to do this but just never had the time. Well, they do now! Remind them that the family history is good for the brain too!

If you visit the Family History Federation website you can download a booklet to help them get started.  This will encourage them to talk to their relatives.  Consider providing them with a tutorial via an online link such as Skype or Facetime.  If you feel that is too complex, then guide them via email.
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There is a handy How to Start you Family Tree Guide from Family Tree Magazine

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The Family History Federation also offers free online resources to help get them started.

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Think about a Subscription to your favourite Family History Magazine
Now is also the time to read all the family history magazines and books that you have been meaning to get around to for some time. I know I will.  Maybe give a gift of a magazine subscription to a friend who you know will be at home for some time. They have an offer running for a limited time that if you now subscribe you can receive your first 3 issues for just £3.

Or if there was a magazine you meant to buy but never did, now is the time to do so. Order these online at
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Who Do You Think You Are magazine currently has an offer via its iOS app whereby people can download every single digital issue, as far back as April 2012, for just £47.99. Twho do you think you are magazine he great thing about the iOS app is that it is fully searchable across all of the issues. So if you fancy reading something on police ancestors, just search on 'police' and it will list every magazine that has covered that topic in the past eight years. Go the App Store and download the free app and then you should be able to select a 'Complete your Collection'
This offer is available for a limited time only.

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Family History Books Online

You can order books from Family History Books Online.  This is continuing to operate so if there is a book you have been meaning to read for some time and wish to order, now is the time to view the website and take the opportunity to place an order.

Look out for our new special offers launching on Wednesday 1st April and we can assure you this is not a joke.

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News of a Competition from Devon Family History Society

I have received details of a competition for children and teenagers run by Devon Family History Society to coincide with the Mayflower Conference in Plymouth on Saturday 29^th August 2020.  This really is something for the children to think about now they are not going to school.

Mayflower 400

A competition for all students aged 5-16 - Reception to KS4.

All entering will receive a certificate by post. Prizes will be awarded at the Mayflower International Genealogical Conference in Plymouth Guildhall on 29 August 2020.

For more information about sending group or school entries, contact Devon Family History Society
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Choose one or two from the list below. Entries can be handwritten, computerised or dictated. Entries must be no more than 500 words.

1. Tell the story of one of the Mayflower passengers or one of your seventeenth century ancestors or someone who lived in your town in the 1600s.

2.  Design your own Lego model that reflects the Mayflower story. Send photographs and a short, written description of your model.

3. It is 1621 in New England. Write to your cousin in Plymouth, Devon, describing your first winter.

4. Make a seventeenth century outfit for a doll or toy, send photographs of your creation.

5. It is 1670. What have the Mayflower passengers “missed” in England since 1620?

6. Draw a May flower and use it to create a design (this can be a drawing, painting, collage or computer design) Please do not send in collages, take photographs.

7. Write and illustrate a poem about one of the Mayflower passengers.

8. Design a Wampum belt (this can be a drawing, painting, collage or computer design). Please do not send in collages, take photographs.

9. Design and illustrate a page from your C17th ‘recipe’ book, giving ‘cures’ for the plague.

10. Use the list of the Mayflower passengers’ first names or family names and discuss using charts and research.

Post or email your entries to arrive by 31 July 2020.  Include your name, birth date, address and signed by your parent, guardian or teacher to say that the entry is your own work.

Email with the subject line Mayflower Competition to: ** (

Not able to go out? Then why not go for a virtual walk?  You can use the 1939 Register or the census enumerators’ books (all online).  Find your forebears and their addresses on each document; then using online maps such as the Ordnance Survey ones which are freely available at the National Library of Scotland website

Now take “a walk” around the area where your ancestors lived using the addresses and relevant maps you found. It is interesting to compare maps of different periods to see how an area has changed.
Cambridge & Huntingdonshire Family History Society
CD and Download Offer
Cambridgeshire and Huntingdonshire Family History Society has reinstated their offer of 20% off all CDs and Downloads for a limited time.

For more information and to place an order please visit ** (

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