Wednesday, 29 April 2020

Random musings!!

This afternoon I put a post on the main website about some recent research I had done. Research in the morning, write it up neatly in the afternoon - job done! The only problem was I had been meaning to do it for about a year!!
It was fun. 

My niece had moved into a characterful end terrace house in Eastbourne and it set me wondering about who had lived there previously. My niece didn't seem over-bothered, but it struck a chord with me.

I began with the 1939 register and discovered the names of the current occupants. Luckily, they were living there in 1911, so I could extend the tree backwards to find children at that time. 
By 1939, they had married and moved away, so I could trace them and find out about their lives too. I came to a halt after about 1960 when all the family had died, so my niece will need to look at the title deeds to find out about later residents, but it may have set her off on a research path.

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