Tuesday, 16 June 2020

A step forward?

Google meet meeting  16th June

This morning, the committee, or some of them, are testing out Google Meet, a video calling feature, which allows us to see and hear each other from our own homes, and to see one person presenting a slideshow or documents from their PC to the others.
If this goes well, (and many fingers are crossed!!), it may be possible to set up a virtual meeting with a speaker, as we can have up to 100 attendees!
Would you be interested? You would need a laptop, ipad or phone with a camera to be seen on the call. Let me or any committee member know what you think about it. If you have used zoom, it is very similar to that.
Here's hoping.....!
Look after yourselves,

Update - we met and it wasn't too bad. Once we sorted out who was going to speak (hands up!) and sorted out cameras and microphone settings, it was quite OK. If you were joining in a meeting with someone speaking (like me, for a trial run) you could mute your microphone and even switch off the camera and just watch the presentation. I can show Word documents and Powerpoint presentations to you. Charles has sent you an email about this, so I need a response - would you like to TRY a meeting like this? I will come up with a time - possibly a Tuesday morning, since historically it is usually free, and we can have a go.
Do pop a comment on here, or the website Guestbook or email chair.sdfhg@gmail.com - I am waiting!!šŸ‘“

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