Friday, 26 June 2020

Virtual meeting to go ahead - update

 7th July Further update to the previous post - only a few replies have been received to the follow-up email. If you haven't put finger to keypad yet, please do, we would like to hear your opinions, positive or negative.
The first member meeting was held on Tuesday 30th June at 10.00a.m. About a dozen members joined the meeting and we were able to see and talk to each other. A follow-up e-mail is being sent out shortly to gather your opinions, whether you were there or not. Please reply.

We have had some interest shown in holding virtual meetings and so I need to explain the next steps.
We are using Google meet to hold this trial meeting - I know there are several similar apps, but this is what we used for our Committee meeting.
Before the meeting, I will ask Charles to send and email inviting any member to join the meeting. You click on that link and hey, presto!, everything connects up and away we go!
I have made a detailed document below to detail how to get into Google Meet and how to set up your camera and microphone. There are also videos on Youtube to show you what to do to get started.

To join a meeting, you ideally need a Google email account. If your email address ends in, you have an account. 
When you log into your Gmail account and go to the Inbox, look at the left=hand side of the screen and you should see Google Meet/Start a meeting/Join a meeting. Click to join. 

If you haven't, it is easy to create one. You can access Google meet either on the Internet or using the app, if you are on a mobile phone or ipad.
Here is a link to a webpage which allows you to join a meeting using a meeting code.

I will send a meeting code in an email which you enter in the box.

If you want to test that your camera, microphone and sound are working, you can choose Start a meeting instead. Don't worry, you won't be faced with hundreds of faces wanting entertainment!

Importantly, a window may pop up asking for permission to give you notifications - block or allow. That can be blocked. BUT, a second window  pops up asking for permission to access the camera and microphone. You have to allow this, or you can't join the meeting.

It will say it is getting ready, then it should start your camera and your face should appear after a few seconds. If it doesn't, you need the troubleshooting tips. I don't normally look like this!!

The microphone should be on too, and you can see if it is working by speaking and looking at the bottom left-hand corner of the meeting picture - can you see the green bars going up and down?

You can turn the camera and microphone on and off by clicking on the icons at the bottom of the meeting picture. 
If you want to make sure the speakers are working, so you can hear the meeting, click on the 3 vertical dots at the bottom right-hand corner of the meeting picture. Choose Settings. Choose the Audio tab and look for Speakers. At the right hand side, you should see Test. Click this, and you should hear a tone like a phone ringing. They are working. If not, you may have a choice of speakers and then you can try another test.
To the right of the screen, you will see a meeting code - this is the sort of code you will need to join our meeting.
To leave this page, close the window or click the back arrow.

Join the meeting at the appointed time, or a few minutes before, and your screen should display the participants and you should be able to hear me speaking.
Good luck!!

There are videos and tutorials about using Meet - it is widely available.

If you need the troubleshooting tips, either click the Help icon on the Meet page, or click HERE.

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